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  Name Description Manufacturer Price Additional data
Scalloped Edging Unit size 600 x 50 x 150mm. Available in Buff, Grey and Red. Price per unit in full pack,... Bradstone
Smooth Natural Sandstone Round Top Edging. Compliments Smooth Sandstone paving. Superb effect when laid a contrasting shade. Unit size 600... Bradstone
Scroll Edging Unit size 450 x 150mm. Available in four colours, Bath Yellow, Grey, Charcoal and Terracotta. Boswell Gardenstone
Stone Edging Unit size 450 x 150mm. Available in Grey and Bath Yellow. Substantial edging which can be used to... Boswell Gardenstone
Smooth Natural Sandstone Six sided sawn product with huge shade range for a contemporary patio. Call us Today for a Price. Bradstone
Superpave A Completely smooth contemporary slab. Available in Grey and assorted colours. Comes in seven... Boswell Gardenstone
Siena Tile Rogers Siena Tile is a mellow shade of Terracotta similair to the tile floors that are so popular... Boswell Gardenstone
Screenwalling Leaf Block Elegantly contemporary, this double sided block is mainly used to renovate existing walling. The... Bradstone
Stonewold Walling Walling block that give the impression of single brick cotswold bricks. Designed for ease of use... Boswell Gardenstone
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