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  Name Description Manufacturer Price Additional data
Rope Top Path Edging Unit size 600 x 150mm, 1.66 units per linear metre. Available in Antique Red, Cotswold, Graphite... Bradstone
Round Top Path Edging Unit size 600 x 150, 1.7 units per linear metre. Available in Buff, Grey and Dark Grey. Bradstone
Riven York Stepping Stone Available in 300 and 450mm diameter. Sold individually. Available in five colours, Bath Yellow,... Boswell Gardenstone
Rosedale Rustic Red Brick Unit size 220 x 110mm. Available in Red Rustic. Can be used either as an edging or as a patio... Boswell Gardenstone
Ridgeway Riven The Ridgeway paving has been popular with our customers for over 40 years. The surface is riven,... Boswell Gardenstone
Riven York Boswell Gardenstone Riven York replicates original York Flagstones. The Tooled edges give... Boswell Gardenstone
Riven York Circle 2.25m diameter Riven York circle 2.25m dimeter circle, can be expanded up to 4.95m diameter circle, price on... Boswell Gardenstone
Riven York 2.7m square off kit. Riven York 2.7m Squaring off kit for use in conjunction with sections A-C 2.25m circle. Available... Boswell Gardenstone
Riven York 1.8m Square off kit. Riven York 1.8m Squaring of kit for sections A-B 1.35m diameter circle. Available in Bath Yellow,... Boswell Gardenstone
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