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  Name Description Manufacturer Price Additional data
Driveway Block Paving Unit size 200 x 100 x 50mm, 60mm thick unit available, price on request. Available in Autumn,... Bradstone
Old Town Edging Traditional round top edging with a weatherd yorkstone effect profile. Available in two colours,... Bradstone
Scalloped Edging Unit size 600 x 50 x 150mm. Available in Buff, Grey and Red. Price per unit in full pack,... Bradstone
Textured Coping/Edging To be used with Countrystone walling or Pitched Walling. Can also be used as an edging for... Bradstone
Natural Granite Setts Unit size 100 x 100 x 50mm. Available in Mid Grey, Silver Grey and Black. Natural Granite sets... Bradstone
Smooth Natural Sandstone Round Top Edging. Compliments Smooth Sandstone paving. Superb effect when laid a contrasting shade. Unit size 600... Bradstone
Eco Countryside Edging Black fleck shade that looks just like Natural Granite. 82% recycled or reclaimed material... Bradstone
Old Riven Edging Unit size 510 x 160 x 125mm. Price per unit in full pack, individual price available on request. Bradstone
Circular Stepping Stone 300mm Unit size 300mm diameter. Available in Bath Yellow Boswell Gardenstone
Natural Sandstone Complete range of paving, complimented by walling, setts, and edging in a huge range of... Bradstone
Old Town Paving Made from moulds taken from a derelict 19th century Lancashire Cotton mill, it's finish looks just... Bradstone
Peak Riven Utility Paving Available in three colours Buff, Grey and Red. A cheap, attractive utility slab. Available in a... Bradstone
Aged Riven patio pack. A brand new size of patio pack containing three different size pavers. One profile per size to... Bradstone
Edale Paving 450 x 450 Unit size 450 x 450mm. Available in Cream £3.16 and Grey £3.50. Economy slab available in one... Bradstone
Smooth Natural Sandstone Six sided sawn product with huge shade range for a contemporary patio. Call us Today for a Price. Bradstone
Grand Natural Sandstone. For those looking for the WOW factor, large size paving to make a grand statement. Sawn sides and... Bradstone
Natural Granite Paving Available in four sizes including the large element 900 x 900m flag for an ultra contemporary look... Bradstone
Natural Slate Paving Sawn crisp edges to give tighter joints. Hand split by skilled craftsman. Low profile riven,... Bradstone
Superpave A Completely smooth contemporary slab. Available in Grey and assorted colours. Comes in seven... Boswell Gardenstone
Riven York Boswell Gardenstone Riven York replicates original York Flagstones. The Tooled edges give... Boswell Gardenstone
Trevatina Tile 400 x 400 Unit size 400 x 400mm. Sold individually. Only available in White. Boswell Gardenstone
Siena Tile Rogers Siena Tile is a mellow shade of Terracotta similair to the tile floors that are so popular... Boswell Gardenstone
Victorian Tiles Enhance the style and beauty of your home with Rogers Victorian Tiles. The range includes Octogons... Boswell Gardenstone
Worn Oxford Octogon Worn Oxford stone feature can be either a stand alone feature or as part of a Worn Oxford patio,... Boswell Gardenstone
Wyverdale Circle 3.3 mt diameter. Wyverdale circle with 3.3 mt diameter, can be used as a stand alone feature or as part of a... Boswell Gardenstone
Wyverdale circle square off kit Wyverdale full four corner square off kit, to hel intergrate your Wyverdale circle into your... Boswell Gardenstone
Oxford circle 1.8 mt diameter Oxford circle 1.8 mt diameter, ideal as a stone feature. Available in Bath Yellow, Green, Grey,... Boswell Gardenstone
Riven York Circle 2.25m diameter Riven York circle 2.25m dimeter circle, can be expanded up to 4.95m diameter circle, price on... Boswell Gardenstone
Riven York 2.7m square off kit. Riven York 2.7m Squaring off kit for use in conjunction with sections A-C 2.25m circle. Available... Boswell Gardenstone
Riven York 1.8m Square off kit. Riven York 1.8m Squaring of kit for sections A-B 1.35m diameter circle. Available in Bath Yellow,... Boswell Gardenstone
Peruvian Circle Peruvian Circle available in Terracotta/Black and Yellow/Black. Sections can be purchased... Boswell Gardenstone
Aztec Circle Sold as full pack. Square off kit available. Boswell Gardenstone
Aztec circle with square off kit Aztec circle complete with square off kit. Boswell Gardenstone
Natural Stone Walling Slips A range of walling slips in Natural sandstone, Natural slate and Smooth Natural sandstone that... Bradstone
Natural Sandstone Walling and Coping/Edging Fully rumbled, double sided walling in mixed size packs with three sizes per pack. Compliments... Bradstone
Panache Walling and Coping/Edging Compliments the Mahina,Panache and stonemaster paving ranges. Predominently double sided. As well... Bradstone
Madoc Walling and Coping A slate profile walling block that gives the efect of slate pieces laid together in a single... Bradstone
Countrystone Walling A fully rumbled, predominantly double sided walling product. Available in three different... Bradstone
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