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Cemex Hydraulic Lime NHL 3.5

Manufacturer: Cemex Rugby Cement
Price: £19.22

- Hydraulic Lime NHL 3.5 For Use In Cement, Lime and Sand Mortars CEMEX is a world leader in packed cement, backed with excellent technical expertise in blended cements for more than 20 years. Rugby® Hydraulic lime (HL) is a term for varieties of lime (calcium oxide), or slaked lime (calcium hydroxide), used to make lime mortar which set through hydration. Generally hydraulic lime provides a faster initial set and higher compressive strength than standard air lime. It is suitable for general-purpose use for mortar/pointing or rendering and is quality assured to EN 459-1. - Features : - Mortar, Render and Plaster Usage Used to produce durable mortar, render and plaster - Water Retention Improved water retention in mortar and render - Weather Resistant Enhanced resistance to freeze and thaw attack - Reduced Bleed Less water bleed - Water Demand Reduced Lower water demand # Benefits : - Ease Of Use Easier to work worth - Cohesive Mix Offers a more cohesive mix - Aesthetically Pleasing Reduced risk of unsightly efflorescence - Eco-Friendly Lime manufacturing process produces less carbon dioxide than ordinary cement.
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