Rogers Classic Pier Caps/Copings

Manufacturer: Rogers Concrete
Exclusively produced Rogers Concrete. Available in White. Designed to improve the look and provide a distinguished look to any property.
Price is collection only, for delivery please fill out the quotation form or call 01722 333781. If purchased with a dumpy bag delivery is included.
Name Description Price
Classic Pier Cap 300 x 300 Unit size 300 x 300mm. Available in White. Sold individually. £ 36.84
Classic Pier Cap 400 x 400 Unit size 400 x 400mm. Sold individually. Available in white. £ 61.41
Classic Pier Cap 525 x 525 Unit size 525 x 525mm. Sold individually. Available in white. £ 76.76
Classic Coping 600 x 300 Rogers Classic coping gives a refined and impressive look to any wall they are laid upon especially when used in conjunction with the Classic Pier Caps. Available in two sizes and only in White. £ 36.84
Classic Coping 600 x 175 Unit size 600 x 175mm. Available in White. Sold individually. £ 24.57
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