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  Name Description Manufacturer Price
Solid Concrete Blocks These blocks are available in a standard face size of 440 x 215mm and in a thickness of 100mm and... S Morris & son
Hollow Concrete Block 215mm The blocks are available in a standard face size of 440 x 215mm and in a thickness of 215mm in a... S Morris & son
Powell Duffryn Solid Bricks
Powell Duffryn Class B Engineering Brick
Bradstone Old Town Walling and Coping A reclaimed Yorkstone profile walling block that give the effect of smaller blocks laid together in... Bradstone
Bradstone Pitched Walling A pitched, predominantly double sided walling product Available in three different sizes Curved... Bradstone
Screenwalling Leaf Block Elegantly contemporary, this double sided block is mainly used to renovate existing walling. The... Bradstone
Bradstone Natural Stone Walling Slips A range of walling slips in Natural sandstone, Natural slate and Smooth Natural sandstone that... Bradstone
Natural Sandstone Walling and Coping/Edging Fully rumbled, double sided walling in mixed size packs with three sizes per pack. Compliments... Bradstone
Panache Walling and Coping/Edging Compliments the Mahina,Panache and stonemaster paving ranges. Predominently double sided. As well... Bradstone
Bradstone Madoc Walling and Coping A slate profile walling block that gives the efect of slate pieces laid together in a single... Bradstone
Ancestry Walling Pitched effect walling in both a mixed pack with three sizes or a single sized pack. Matching... Bradstone
Bradstone Countrystone Walling A fully rumbled, predominantly double sided walling product. Available in three different... Bradstone
Cotswold Coping Available in three sizes. Sold individually. Available in Bath Yellow. Boswell Gardenstone
Mendip Walling Designed too replicate the look of Drystone walling in covenient, easy to lay blocks. Available in... Boswell Gardenstone
Classic Pier Caps/Copings Exclusively produced Boswell Gardenstone. Available in White. Designed to improve the look and... Boswell Gardenstone
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